Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pop Arts!

Pop Art is a singular movement that emerged in late '50 in UK. Personally, it is one of my fave art movements because of its sensationalistic/retro style that reflects a very hippy/peaceful picture but at the same time a funny, happy content. It's extremely popular across the world and it's being used in lots of advertisment like Pepsi, Absolute Vodka and even Lifesavers.The mix and contrast of their colors was a huge caller for buyers and clients in the 90's, but now that the Internet is the second God, it's all in a different difrection. But still, POPARTS will always be a fantastic trend.

Thanks to one of my best friends, Biby Wong, for helping me doing my own Pop Arts --which I loved--! Thanks b!tch, love you!


Karencilla said...

tenia que ser mi hermana, la grandiosa jajajjaaj


Mariana said...

my screensaver has a bunch of his art work in a collage.. absolutely love him!

Justin R. Wright said...

thank you sir, i'm going to attempt to soldier through and start a better (healthier) life. i think you understand me, too. i'm appreciative of that.

i hope you enjoy the rest of the twilight saga. i'm almost done with 'breaking dawn' and i'm beginning to get depressed knowing it's all about to end.

you live in panama, correct?

ps. love your piece of pop art ;)

Meli said...

hellouuuu, uno de mis favorites tambien =) I dont know much about it , But I'll learn more in timee
u're soooo xD no pudiste poner otra foto ahahahha just kidding =)

Justin R. Wright said...

never been, but i'd love to visit. i may consider it this summer.