Sunday, January 25, 2009

'None of Us is Perfect Forever'

Hey guys! It's been a while... I decided to make a blog-break but now I'm so back. I already started college and all I can say is that I'm truly in love with my career (Mass Communications Degree). I already have bunches of works, videos and projects to do so I'm preety busy with it.
I've been preety great THANKS GOD, my dad got me a super part-time job, which i'm starting soon. I'll be working on the Advertisment/Marketing zone of Panama Ports Co. (Hutchinson Port Holdings). I'm really happy and I can't wait to start!

I just came from the movies.. I watched 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttom'.. I'm still speechless. It has been one of the best films I've EVER seen yet. It's a complete film, and by complete I mean the movie has a heavy structure message which involves love, drama, comedy, fantasy and oddness. I went with some of my bff and we all went out of the movies crying like bitches. It deff touched us like no movie. Brad Pitt did a GREAT job aswell as Cate Blanchett. The makeup was extremely well elaborated, too.

I'll try to do some updates tomorrow after college because I'm preety tired right now and I wanna sleep. Thank you all for your eternal support, and Nadia thanks for being an inspiration for me to upload this shit (I mean -your comment-)

-You never know what's coming for ya.


twentypercentlycra said...

I'm starting college in two weeks -similar career, though. And scared to death, lol. Actually, february is just to introduce us in the career. The thing starts in march. But it's creepy anyway, haha.
I've been reading a lot of good things about that movie, so I'll probably check it out when it gets here.

rogeR said...