Saturday, December 27, 2008

My 'Twilight' Film Review.

I just came from watching the ‘Twilight’ film adaptation (yeah, it just premiered yesterday here in Panama City) and I’m preety flattered, they did a decent good work with it. It didn’t disappoint me at all. Its true what some critics say that maybe the director, Mrs. Hardwicke, made too many close up and too many zoom but regardless it looked fantastic, fresh and dark at the same time, it looked a lot like an indie film, that’s what I liked.
The effects weren’t ‘Matrix-ish’, but they worked. The acting was great. I LOVED this 'Charlie' (Billy Burke), he wasn’t that funny in my imagination. 'Bella' (Kristen Stewart) and 'Edward' (Robert Pattinson) are cool with me, great job both of them, very credible. The Cullens were fascinating, the only thing I dislike was the obvious use of contacts, there are better-camouflag-ish contacts people.

I give this movie 4 STARS. They did not disappoint me (in this BOOK-MOVIE transition) and that counts A LOT in my personal reviews. And I HATED Mrs. Stephenie Meyer stupid/cliché cameo appearance she did at the cafeteria.
I cannot wait for ‘New Moon’ film due in November 20, 2009.


JulyM. said...

Para las personas que nos da pereza leer libros es una buena peli.! aunque par mi falto mas partes romaticas de edward y bella..todo lo demas perfecto.
Bye J. btw Buen resumen

EnmanuelMC said...

I give twilight 3 stars... and the reason i give this movie such a mediocre score... is because it was a mediocre movie... AND i get that it was a low budget movie and everything... but seriously??? I hated it... Everything was different from the book and it was so fake everything was extremely fake the effects, the contacts.. even the acting.... TWILIGHT = EPIC FAIL.

Karencilla said...

a mi me gustó. y eso que yo la verdad ni estaba interesada en esa pelicula y mucho menos en los libros. anyways, fallaron con los lentes de contacto y los efectos de hombre araña. Pero aun asi para ser de bajo presupuesto me gusto mucho.

Biby! said...

a mi en lo personal tb me gusto, no esta tan buena como el libro.
pero yo siempre digo q los libros son mil veces mejores q las peliculas xq te permite imaginarte las cosas.
los efectos no fueron los mejores pero se justifica hasta cierto punto x el bajo presupuesto q usaron pa la pelicula.

Anonymous said...

well really i give 3 stars too.. im reading the books and this movie didnt show what i expect. the special effects were poor and it seems like a joke '' first scene: bella appears second scene:edward appears . Third scene: bella and edward kissin' ( i said this because the movie was really fast) .. so the last scene is '' this movie is called... TWILIGHT..the END...'' the cullens were really natural ... i imagined them the way they are in the movie. if you see the first movie of harry potter lasted 3 or 4 hour.. why they didnt do that with twilight the best book ever ... xD
im so dissapointed but
TWILIGHT RULZZZ and i LOVE EDWARD .. but not the movie .. xD

Meli said...

i wannaa see itt =(

Anonymous said...

HEY i like the movie.... it has a little of comedy, action, and romance so everybody could enjoy... this movie.. and the trasition from book to movie isnt that bad... they did a great job..! thansk for u article..

mabi_1591 said...

I read the book..and the movie wasn't as good as i thought it would be! but just because it was twilight it was perfect!
and i am just waiting for the New Moon's movie to come out next year..i hope they don't miss so many IMPORTANT details =S
edward cullen!<3
"hold on tight spider monkey" =)

Caro!♥ said...

the same of July .. faltaronnesenas de edward y bella!!.

y la actuacion no me gusto muchoo..

pero la ame x el simple hechoo de le amo el libroo y toda la serie de twilight! ♥!