Monday, December 29, 2008

The B!tchBox.

I introduce you my B!tchBox. This is a sacred and special white hole in my room, where all my vital&necessary -maybe shallow- stuff are placed. It feautres:
1. Recently sacred books: 'Twilight' and 'New Moon' by: Stephenie Meyer. (Already ready to buy 'Eclipse').
2. Wallet: Where all the money is in a perpetual status of 'Hot&Cold'.
3. 2009 Garfield Agenda: I'm too organized.
4. iPod & iSound: can't live without music.
5. Nokia Undestructable mobile phone: i'm oficcialy done with expensive cell phones (I always break 'em).
6. Sunglasses: It's summertime, bitch!
7. Trophies: I'm the Fashionest boy of my prom =)
8. CD's: From 'Circus' and 'Blackout' to 'Move Along' and 'Songs About Jane'.
9. Perfums and Trident: SMELL GOOD PRINCIPLES.
10. Cherry Chapstick: Can't live with a dry mouth dude.


Michi said...

hah i loved it! the b!tch box is awesome! is quite essencial =) im glad u now have the habit of reading! smart and hot beeatch! ,thats just awesome =) love yaaa, xoxo, gg

Meli said...

hellouuuu ahaha you're soooo x) Well my essentials all are dispersados en mi cuarto x) but they are there, me gustaron los cdss and the agenda x), i dont know why but sometimes im not a reading person ahahha
love yaaa
hugsandkisses !

Amy said...

Ohh my god you have a hardcover copy New Moon. I'm mega jealous. :|