Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Hate My Bipolarity!

I'm officially Bipolar. My emotions are easily changed. I get bored easily. I dunno if im crazy enough to go to a shrink haha but i'm deff a freak bitch. My mind is always thinking about zillion things and i think my major problem is when i'm alone because when i'm surrounded with people, i'm very social. mostly positive and happy but when i'm alone i get bored, sad, mad easily.. and that's an issue haha.

I hope to find a balance for my bipolarity because i need it. :) Peace out and have a good night ya'll!


Blanca Navarro said...

Well It's something kind of normal that when we are alone we start thinking a lot on ourselves and our stuff.. And it's hard not to be sad .. and then when any friend comes around everything changes!

I think that the human being is used to fail and actually that's the way we learn from our faults. I'm pretty sure that this is what you think on when you are alone!
And F R I E N D S were brought to our lives for this and some other reasons.. So when you are alone.. try to talk to someone u feel is very important to you, so that he or she can make u feel better baby!

I love you so much! Y YA TE DIJE.. QUE ESO ME PASAA AMI TAMBIEN:( jajaj

Anonymous said...

everybody is bipolar i think!!!

Anonymous said...


no josh ..

more like..

es ke tu rs tu..tns tus tns algo spcial


Anonymous said...

holaa! ai joshh a mi a veces tambien me pasa eso, por eso no me gusta wanderear demasiado,hahaha,lo que hago es que me pongo a ver videos en youtube, o veo una comica que siempre me hace reir,que es,la vida moderna de rocko xdxd,y se me pasa,mi mama tambien me molesta con que soy bipolar xd pero me dice que no me guille de eso! haaha.