Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ashlee Simpson Horrible Acting / Lil Wayne: Mr. Everywhere

Ok.. this post is about two different artists: Ashlee Simpson and Lil Wayne.

I started watching Melrose Place a few days ago and i kinda liked it (not loved it).. the thing is that it's kinda entertaining. I'm so impressed with the horrible, fake and hideous performance by Ashlee Simpson. I mean, she may look HOT AS HELL but her acting sucks so much. This whole sweet innocent girl going bad and bitchy just doesn't fit her.. TOO FAKE. She needs to work back on music (if she's lucky) because she has too much competition right now (Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney, Taylor Swift, etc).

Now, let's talk about Lil Wayne. This man is EVERY-FUCKIN-WHERE! I mean, I was listening my ipod yesterday in shuffle and i heard 4 songs featured him in a row: 'Down' with Jay Sean, 'Give It Up To Me' with Shakira, 'Revolver' feautring Madonna & David Guetta and 'I Can Transform Ya' with Chris Brown.. I mean what the fuck haha, he's in every song!

The sad part is that he isn't able of making a huge impact by his own, only did it with 'Lollipop'. I mean, his new rock record Rebirth was pushed back like 5 times because the single 'Prom Queen' didn't go well (i like that song tho). But i think he's a good artist and one of the best rappers of our days because as u can see he's very demanded and popular.

So this were my thoughts of these 2 different artists in one post :) Thougts?


glam said...

he is a rapper just like jay z most of his song wont be world wide #1 but his projects with other artists are huge.. like hris brown, cameron.. etc. Eminem named him the best rapper in the last ten years.. a man who was able to keep alive rap.. U see people like jay see they use to have hits but not now cause wants poppin now is the r & b.. plus the pop music is a the bomb right now.. 2 years ago was the r&B-hiphop- rap. It is related to wat its poppin in the streets..

Saadi said...

Ashlee cud nvr stand ne competetion...i still can't understand how she made a impact! She clearly doesn't hav a voice! About her acting...dunno..i'm taking ur word fr it!

Cmng to Lil Wayne..argh, I find him soooooo annoying! I can't stand him wen he's performing alone.....wen he's in mix with other artist(s), he seems to be much more tolerable!

Luke said...

I liked Ashlee's debut.. her 2nd album was worse and the 3rd was the worst.. I think she doesnt have a chance of any comeback.. only God or miracle could return her back..

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm in love with Ashlee Simpson. I love her voice and she always shows attitudes in the lyrics of his music. But I have to confess that it is the first time I downloaded the new cd of Lil Wayne that impressed me. I loved all the tracks and I must confess that I'm enjoying more of this kind of music.
I loved the post, I miss you in my blog.
Appears there okay?
Take care, hugs.

Daniela Cullen said...

Actúa horrible!!! Y Lil .. me da asco. Y eso que
no soy racista.

Anonymous said...

ashlee..let me tell u somethin..your acting?..bitch PLEASAAA! (chris crocker´s voice)hahahaha