Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Resolutions!

I decided to make huge resolutions this year because i think sometimes you gotta sacrifice things you like so you can receive better things. Not everything in life may come easily as you think.

So for me, 2010 is a year with 0% of Coke and 0% of Cigarrettes. I'm cool with the cigarrettes becuz i was only a social smoker (smoking at parties and events, not in the garage of my house all alone).. BUT it's really hard to leave Coke. Coke has being a part of my life since i remember so it's a very big challenge to get it out of my life (at least for this year). Everytime i go out to dinner with my family or friends it's so frustrating becuz they all drink Coke, but i think this is helping me to control myself and SELF-CONTROL IS ALWAYS GOOD. But.. i hope it's worth at the end.

So.. do you have any big 2010 resolution?


July! said...


! josh:) espero q cumplas meta!
te sentirass disq super bn luego de q la cumplas!! ahahah godd luck!) bitch

Anonymous said...

hahaha te comprendo totalmente
la coca cola es super adicta, mira yo lo que he estado haciendo es que la chifeo y pido té frío trata para ver!

Luke said...

I dont have any... cause I know Im not about to keep them.. n I cant think of no other thing to change thann the cigarettes but I know that I already lost this battle.. haha :-D

Berts said...

me alegroo muchoo que tengas en mente dejar de fumar =)

creeme q si te lo propones en verdad.. lo vas a lograr.. todo esta en la fuerza de voluntad =)

en lo personal tengo muchos propositos and i hope to make them true... aunq ya cumpli uno y sabes cual es jajajaj

Anonymous said...

es lo mejor e vdd yo deje la coke x 8 meses...una de las emjores decisiones q pude tomar.. astael cutis te mejora. aw.!

Daniela Cullen said...

coke is reeeeeaaaaalllly bad!! Not to mention ciggs..My goals for this year.. take my medicine correctly and TRY to exercise..

anakriz said...

fuck super dificil dejar la koka kolaa .. puta tan rika i tan dañinaaa !! :s espero ke lo logres io nunk e podido

Saadi said...

Even I'm planning to quit coke, man!!! N yea..i SO agree it's freak'in hard!!!

Thankfully nvr been a smoker of ne degree!

Best of Luck, buddy! :D