Tuesday, December 1, 2009


1 year ago a boy named Josh Diaz decided to create a blog to share his opinions, personal notes, entertainment stuff and every single random shit that is wandering in his mind. Thanks everyone for keep reading my blog.. you're so amazing and i'm thankful for all the good and bad comments because that's exactly what i want: HONESTY.. I wanna know your opinion, i don't care if you agree or not with me, because if we were all the same this world would be SO BORING. Thanks to all.

Ok.. Today is December 1st and as many of you know today is WORLD AIDS DAY so i wanna dedicate this post to all those people in the world that are suffering with this terminal disease.. all i can say is: KEEP LIVING AND DON'T GIVE UP.. HOPE IS THE LAST THING WE SHOULD LOSE. For more information check out: WorldAIDSDay2009.

Thanks to all for your support.. Yesterday i had such a bad day and your comments helped me to move forward and as my best friend said: 'Thanks God a day is only 24 hours long'.. Thanks Michi for listening me :)

Have a very nice week! :)


CaesarBrutus said...

hey congrats for the 1st bday of your AMAZING blog! Here 1st of December is a National Holiday hehe. It's the day that we celebrate the restauration of independence from spain. Congrats Josh! Keep posting great posts like you always do!

Saadi said...

Oh wow!!! That's amazing!! This is truly great!!!

So happy fr u!!! Hope u keep blogging keeps gng great! ;)

Karencilla said...

congrats!!! keep the good blogging! love you BIATCH! hahaha

Michi said...

Happy Bday to Blog¡! Happy Bday Blog!
Dear Blog, I wish u the best of the best, i wish more people envy you cuz that means that more people want to be like you!
I Love what i read and it only gets better!
N am here for u always beetch :) Love u¡!