Friday, November 13, 2009

NEW ADDICTION: The Vampire Diaries!

I know the whole VAMPIRE-MANIA is getting too cliché but i'm loving The Vampire Diaries so much! When I first heard of it i was so esceptic because i thought the characters were a copycat of Edward and Bella in Twilight (I mean, look at their skin colours, hair colours, etc.) but then i saw the show and got charmed with it. I remember when my beloved friend Daniella told me "Oh c'mon Josh, u must see it.. it's different from Twilight, etc haha"..

All I can say is that The Vampire Diaries IS NOT Twilight. This is scarier, not-so-commercial and different. You deff must see it and I think the showstopper is Ian Somerhalder because his performance on the show is just INCREDIBLE! Deff check it out!


Gastronomia said...

yo no veo el programa ese, pero te puedo decir que he visto las propagandas y me parece interesante la historia. Quisiera q posteares uno sobre 90210. Yo se que esa serie es mucho drama pero es interesante. ;)

Daniela Cullen said...

La serie es excelente!! Y eso que te lo dice un major Twihard!! Me encanta, no están siendo totalmente fieles a los libros, pero bueh.. la historia me ha parecido más interesante como la están manejando!

Love ya JOsh!!

CaesarBrutus said...

i started watching it on tv last week. will see more. i like the plot :) and like you... i couldn't let go the idea of another edward and bella... hehe.