Friday, November 27, 2009

MY REVIEW: 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon'

This was my most anticipated movie of the year.. and all i can say is that THANKS GOD IT DIDN'T DISSAPOINT ME! New Moon is way better BY FAR than Twilight not only for the marvelous and amazing visual/sound effects (comparing them with the vulgar effects that Twilight had) but because of other factors that i will mention.

The acting was shockingly improved (shockingly because i don't like how Kristen and Rob act) but this changed my opinion.. the kids improved in their acting a LOT and the connection Kristen had with Taylor Lautner was even more impecable and realistic than the connection with Edward. The wolves effects were CRAZY GOOD aswell as Victoria's and The Volturi's effects.. everything was perfect. Dakota Fanning stole the show of course, she was so serene but at the same time so evil. Taylor Lautner was the reason all the girls in the cinema were screaming like there was no tomorrow haha. I think Team Jacob is WAYY bigger than Team Edward nowadays.

I think the director tried to stay very similar with the book, which is absolutely positive and I wish Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) would appear more because i just love her. The Volturis were amazing specially Aro which rocked his performance. The Wolfpack did great too, nothing special but great. The SOUNDTRACK was FLAWLESS, every track fitted in every single scene. THE END WAS CRAZY DAMN FUCKIN SHOCKING.. Like i didn't expect that (i won't say it so keep reading)..

Concluding and being positively objectve, I give this movie 4.8 stars because of the amazing and notorious improvement in every facet. I won't give it 5 stars because they didn't mention anything about Bella's and Edward's plans for college and because Victoria should appear more, too.. because i loved her presence in this movie (that beautiful eyes and red hair.. WOW!)..



Saadi said...

I saw it just last night!! Ummm...I won't rate it 4.8 stars though!!!

My take 2 stars....1 star for Dakata and 1 star for the Soundtrack!! Lautner does indeed do a good job but he makes me think of a puppy!!!


Rayza DiSaenz said...

Josh, your review was amazing. I love the movie...and it was WAY better than twilight...and the wolf pack, I was like wao!!! Well, u know what I totally miss in the movie...the Cullens, I know is part of the book...but I really miss them hehehehehehehe....

By the way, have you seen how the people of cinepolis spell twilight? U should take a near the Marriot Courtyard, ahahaha

Anonymous said...

yo fui ayer.... y m dio rabia no poder verla :(

CaesarBrutus said...

i believe victoria didn't have that much of screen time because rachelle was replaced in Eclipse (where we'll see more of victoria). they couldn't mention everything like the book mentions... because it would take 4h lol (hope the dvd has tons of extras). I watched it today! loved it! also wrote something about it. not as detailed as you did hehe

CaesarBrutus said...

want to watch it again too. but i'm broke... so maybe an online viewing.. hehe. will deff buy the dvd

Daniela Cullen said...

hi joSH!! tOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!! Yo también pensé que la química con Taycob se ve mucho mejor que la de Robward y Krisella. La actuación mejoró muchísimo, me encantó como hicieron los efectos de los lobos, cómo humanizaron las facciones de Jacob en su forma de lobo. Para mí los que se robaron el show fueron Ash Greene y Billy Burke. Aunque estuvo muy cercano al libro, me hubiera gustado más wolf pack. Me encantó el soundtrack y el score, pero el score para mí fue muy a lo harry potter (aunque escucharlo me relaja mucho), me gustó más el anterior. En cuanto a Rachelle, en el guión original de la película, antes de pasar a la escena final, después de que Carlisle habla pasaba esto:

watching the house down below. Off her seething fury --
SMASH TO:EXT. HIGHWAY - MOMENTS LATER A FERRARI has pulled over to the side of
the road. VICTORIA PEERS IN THE WINDOW. The DRIVER, a middle-aged man smiles --
VICTORIA Where you headed?
DRIVER Seattle.
VICTORIA (a slow grin) Sounds perfect. As she climbs in...

Eso era lo que daba la parada para Eclipse, pero como David Slade cambió a Rachelle tuvieron que cambiar eso.

Love ya JOsh!!!!