Monday, November 16, 2009

MUST-HEAR: Lady Gaga 'The Fame Monster'!

Lady Gaga is deff the top artist of 2009 and she isn't tired of making hot hits this year.. She's coming with a new EP with 8 brand new songs including her latest smash 'Bad Romance'. The deluxe version of 'The Fame Monster' will include all 'The Fame' album plus the 8 new tracks, and I can say this is POP MUSIC AT ITS BEST!.. Lady Gaga did it again and i can't stop hearing her new songs on my iPod because those songs are ART! This is the next level of pop music and i'm very sure she will keep being such a huge influence in brand new artists because her music is original, different and just amazing. I love Gaga so much.

I highly recommend you: Bad Romance, Telephone ft. Beyonce, Monster, Dance In The Dark, Alejandro and So Happy I Could Die. I leave you with 'Dance In The Dark' and you can hear in the back of my blog 'Telephone' ft. Beyonce. ENJOY!

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CaesarBrutus said...

i'm not a fan of Teeth but the other songs are pop gems! :) speechless is very cool as well!! :)