Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MUST-HEAR: Adam Lambert 'For Your Entertainment'

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert just released his debut album For Your Entertainment and i'm loving it. I didn't like his performance at the AMA'S but that doesn't mean his music sucks.. This record is full of huge future hits mixing electronic, rock, pop and glam rock. His voice is immaculate and the lyrics are very cool considering the uptempo track and the beautiful ballads within.

I think i already posted about the album's cover, which i think is horrendous and looks like a freakin tranny but annyway 'Don't judge a book by its cover'.. so all i can say is that you're a Lady Gaga fan you will LOVE this album. I think he's trying to be the male version of Lady Gaga.. but i'm not sure if that will work though! The first single of the album also called 'For Your Entertainment' is having moderate success in USA and 'Time For Miracles' (2012 Soundtrack) is also included in the album.

My fave tracks are: Whataya Want From Me, If I Had You, Pick U Up, Aftermath and Sleepwalker. You can hear in the back of my blog 'If I Had You'.. and now i leave you guys with 'Pick U Up'.. ENJOY!

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Saadi said...

Not really crazy about the album...Pick U Up, Aftermath and FYE are the only ones I liked!

Oh and I'm soooooo horrified at this...bt Fever is actually so damn catchy!!