Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Electronic Music = Subliminal Sadness?

Hello guys.. I'm a huge fan of Electronic Music and i don't know if i'm crazy or what but a part of me feels that deep inside the message and sound of electronica there's this huge message yelling for freedom.. like the music itself is sad at some point. I'm sure many of you haven't notice this because you spend all time dancing electronic and not listening carefully the sound and the vibe/rythm within.

And not only electronic music.. also pop music influenced by electronica, for example: Lady Gaga.. Most of her songs are catchy and cool.. but listen very well to Poker Face, Paparazzi and her latest single Bad Romance.. there's something behind.. there's a Gaga expressing her pain and sadness via upbeat music, not necessary via ballad. I hope you're getting my point haha. So, at the end of the day electronic music is not shallow or superficial.. it has a huge meaning and a lot to express. It's just beautiful.

Do u think i'm getting crazier or at some point i'm kinda right? Judge yourself!


Blanca Navarro said...

well i have to say that most of the compositions of an artist is based on their thoughts and their life. Some artists use the composing to express their feelings about something.

I've never thought about the meaning of this music, because most of the time, as you say, I am dancing and not paying attention to the lyrics of the song.

Some other important shiet i gotta say is that I FUCKIN LOVE YOU BIATCH AND I MISS U! .. kisses&hugs =)

ArleS said...

One of the thing I like the most of your opinions is that you get deap into the thing you're talking about, I haven't noticed it, but now that I just played Poker face and (I don't remember which I was listening to xD) I noticed that if you pay attention the music it makes you feel a little angry/depressed about something and that (I think) is the basic idea of the song, 'transmitir el feeling a la otra persona'

CaesarBrutus said...

it depends on the electronic music...

about video phone... i hate the song. and you're right.... gaga saved it... otherwise there wouldn't be no buzz

JVII said...


and in MY personal opinion I DO feel myself in a freedom space when I dance to electronic music,like nothing can stop you and like you forget about stuff happening to you..you just DANCE and listen to the nice beats. it may get to in differents way to every single person. to me it is ART and i enjoy it every weekend:)

nice post !

att: JVII