Thursday, October 29, 2009


Well.. 2009 has been an amazing year in music and it's no surprise that the best comes at last! I will review the album covers for:

I love this one. This whole asian hairdo/wig is mixed with heavy darkish accesories and the monochromy of the cover express mistery and a darker GaGa which is very related with the new single 'Bad Romance'.

The first time i saw this i thought like: "I KNOW YOU'RE GAY BUT C'MON"... i mean, he looks like a woman but then i realized that he wants to bring the whole GlamRock thing back and then i approved. He was my fave in American Idol so I hope he won't dissapoint me with his debut effort.

Rihanna: RATED R
Ok Rihanna, i know Crhis brown hitted you but this is TOO EMO. The first single 'Russian Roulette' is an epic fail because it sound like a B-SIDE of one of her singles. I thought she was gonna come back with something stronger.

Ok, this clearly shows what he wants to express. I like that he's proving different stuffs and not getting stucked with his music like Chris Brown in 'I Can Transform Ya'. Kudos 50 ;)

Ok that was just my humble opinion, now i wanna see YOURS. What do you think about this ALBUM COVERS? :)


Jose said...

La de rihana se tenebrosa, pero me gusta mas la de 50 cent, porq tiene mucho fotoshop demasiado cool y real.

CaesarBrutus said...

i agree with you. but still on the Lambert's cover... TOOOOO gay! Even if he's trying to bring the glamrock thing back... he could have done a better cover...

my blog is too heavy? really?? :S i have half of the things i had before... maybe it's the radio..

feeling better now?

Saadi said...

I love Gaga's cover...hate the other three!!!

Rihanna seems to have gone too-emo...n she's more like dark psychotic thing gng on fr her...emo jst doésn't cut it!!

I wudn't be caught dead with tht cover....hell no!!! He has had sooo many awesome photoshoots...why not use one of them?!

N 50 not my taste!!!

Anne Boleyn said...

Primero : que tienen con mostrar la cara nada mas? no podian ponerle un paisaje
segundo : la unica portada que la vi normal fue la de lady gaga xq ella es ella y ella puede poner lo que sea y aun asi se vera bn o loco pero se puede xq es GAGA!
tercero: 50 cents el asi como rapero , asi que bueno ... pero parece como terminator!
Tercero :JURABA que era el nuevo cd de PINK , el de Adam Lambert ...
Cuarto : Rihanne .. estoy totalmente de acuerdo con tu comentario esta bn Chris Brown te pego , pero no es para que estes haciendo mas publicidad del asunto , si le hizo caso a los manes de la disqueria que decian que con eso iba a vender mas WRONG!... se ve mejor mujeres que siguen adelante no como bobas que se dejan pegar!
Quinto : NO SUPERO LA PORTADA CUEQUISIMA! DE ADAM LAMBERT! ...ERES HOMBRE NO UNA MUJER!!!!! , ni Elton John saco una portada tan cuecs :P

Jessica said...

Rihanna's is fierce! This is her best cover yet.