Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Healthy To Have Fuckbuddies.

Fuckbuddies: Term used for sexual partners that regularly engage in sexual activities with each other, but do not share the usual emotional attachment of a standard love relationship. It can also be related with the phrase: Booty Call.
You should know i'm a very open-minded man so I don't see any harm on having your fuckbuddy once in a while. We all have the need of have sex once in a while or everytime (pervs), so sometimes we get bored of using our hand to satisfy that need. It's healthy because it free your stress and you live HAPPY! It's like you're doing a homework with your friend Angela and you wanna take a break, then WHY DON'T MAKE OUT? ;) It's cool but off course you must take care of yourself with the right protection and condoms.

Source: UrbanDictionary


Blanca Navarro said...

namas voy a decir "jajaja"! :)

CaesarBrutus said...

have nothing against those that have fuckbuddies... but i don't feel the need for that. but it's much better than screwing a diferent person everytime you go out. lol

i'm pure! so no sex buddies :)

JVII said...


bootie calls are just there... like Always.. it's just the easy way to satisfry your needs lol, it doesn't mean that I've done that :D that's just the truth about most people.!

patsy* said...

omg te excedesss, pero lo ameee!
i'ts trueee, y quien es angela con la que hacs hmwks? hummm!!
cada vez eres mass pervertido mas liso mas descaradoooo mass bitch y cada vez te amo más amigoo!


Angela said...

Pq utilizarrr mi nonombre ? jaja!
Cada quien es libre de hacer lo q quiera y con quiera despues q no perjudiq a los demas.
Aparte hay q satisfacer nuestras necesidades o no? said...

ninguna mujer ira a tu casa a acer tarea o te invitaran.. !

Carolina Tarté said...

OOOOOOOh! jajajjajjajaja :D

Daniela Cullen said...

jajaj para el que dijo que ahora nadie irá a tu casa a estudiar... jajajajajja!!! Como estás Josh??? MAJOR SPOILER WEEK!! Si viste todo lo que ha salido?? El primer TV spot, la escena del breakup, el bts de roma, la semi pelea con los vulturis... OMFE!!! Y yo... lloro como magdalena.. grito y salto en mi asiento.


Y.. hablando de los fuck buddies...well.. thats a big NO NO for me..

MonicaC said...

thats a yes in my book (: jaja