Tuesday, October 20, 2009

HOT TREND: Scarves!

First of all I'm so sorry.. I'VE BEEN SO FUCKIN BUSY, and you have no idea how bad i feel when i'm not blogging. Anyway, the other day I bought a scarf in The Shop (my fave store right now here in Panama City) and now i'm really addicted to scarves, despite the horrible heat Panama provides. I only try to wear them when in my nights-out/dinners/events but specially AT NIGHT! Lately, i'm watching more guys wearing them and i think it's cool because it's a different trend and shit. I'm love to experiment new things, so this is cool.

Do you think scarves are HOT or NOT?


CaesarBrutus said...

the scarves trend has come and go over here :) hehe. but it's cool. also over here it's most of the times pointless to use one. but i see lots of guys and girls wearing them when it's sooooo hot... i'd die

MonicaC said...

for panama NOOOOOOOOOT
come on we are on a tropical country not a cold one.. thats the problem when u just dont know that FASHION IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.. and by everyone in this topic i mean panama. besides its just stupid to wear it at night.. where u will be dancing or sweating .. at the end of the night ull find a sancocho in ur neck .. nastyyy