Thursday, October 15, 2009


Soo, the hot topic this week is Britney's new single '3' which just topped the Billboard Hot 100 this week.. So let's talk about THREESOMES! Are you game? ;)

Talking in a non-serious way, have you ever had a fetiche with threesomes? cuz i had, and my fetiches are so wonderful and outrageous. I think that having a threesome is not a bad thing when you're single and just wanna have fun because it's something different to experiment in your sexual life, i don't see no harm.

BUT, I don't believe in polygamy. I think a loyal, confident and true relationship is between two persons.. because it mantains the privacy and all those amazing beautiful things relationships possess (i'm not a relationship professional, so i dunno what to say about it haha).

So, with threesomes you can experiment different flavors and orgasms at the same time like having a threesome with an asian hottie and a black/latin hottie.. It depends to your choice :)


d3nis3 XD said...

Depends on you, en verdad.. :)
jajaja.. está buena la pregunta abierta :D


MeLisSa said...

Bueno ehm,a decir verdad,eso es peligroso porque si no estableces ciertas reglas pueden pasar accidentes graciosos y no tan graciosos. Pero noo seee yo sigo las cosas tradicionales xD

Karencilla said...

xuzo... la verdad. respeto a cada quien pero.. yo soy chapaa a la antigua en este aspecto. 1 is lame, 2 is perfect 3 is a crowd.

CaesarBrutus said...

No... I'm no game on that.

I've been very stressed lately.. have an exam tomorrow... how r u my friend?

lilm said...

like karen said 1. is lame 2 is perfect 3 is a crowd. As much as having 2 amazing exotics.. women/men in the same bed sounds amazinf its too much u wont be able to fully enjoy them, they will enjoy you. something that is good but u should know something about sex, its all about satisfying ur partner.. if both of them have that in mind, nothing will stop u from having a good time in bed.

Daniela Cullen said...

Ejem... NO! Pero buen post.. todos tenemos fetiches ahh??

He leído sobre los fetiches con los olores o con diferentes partes del cuerpo... a mi primo.. lo enloquece el olor del shampú...pobrecito.. conmigo pierde porque me encanta que me huela bien el pelo.

Miss you too JOsh!

Anne Boleyn said...

hazloo... pero no aqui en otro pais, aqui tienes muchos prejuicios :P jajajaja :) very nice.... ( tu note) ajajajaj

Saadi said...

Threesomes...ummm, so not my cup of tea!!!

P.S. Those chicks are fugly!!