Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Love Mass Communications!

Hey guys, first of all I'm so sorry for the lack of posts lately, after the VMA'S because last week has been one of my craziest. I didn't sleep much so I recovered from it today :). As you can see there's a NEW POLL below the chatbox go and VOTE! Well, there's also new backround music: 'Hotel Room Service' by Pitbull, 'Uprising' by Muse and 'Meet Me On The Equinox' by Death Cab A Cutie (New Moon Soundtrack). I'm so sorry guys buy I promise i'll continue posting intersting posts.

OK, followinf the headline,I LOVE MY CARREER.. I've been busy doing some tours at some media companies (Newspaper and TV) for a class called 'Practice #1' and it's been an amazing experience! Last friday we went to La Estrella which is one of the most famous newspapers in Panama and we learn about all areas involved such as: writing, journalism, investigation and printing. Yesterday we went to the biggest TV company called MEDCOM and we were having fun in a live show called 'Tu Mañana' (Your Morning) which is really popular here. We also learned about Digital TV, Switches, Editing and other post productions stuff. I really loved it.

I really love this, and i can say that this is MY PASSION so I hope God bless me and guide me to the right path to fulfill all my goals..

Ok, enough of cheessyness haha.. I HOPE U HAVE AN AMAZING WKD, BITCHES!


/denise♥. said...

Ya sabes lo miserable qe es trabajar en algo qe no te gusta, así es qe es mejor luchar y esforzarse AHORA, para chilear la vida haciendo lo qe te gusta, después :).

CaesarBrutus said...

glad you know what you want. and really hope you get it :) you deserve it my friend

anakriz said...

haha kee koool ir a medcom .. me alegroo ke estes logrando tus objetivos ..
te amoo Jozhi Poshy !!

Liz Moreno said...

bueno siempre he pensado q uno tiene q hacer lo q mas le gusta, se disfruta mas y es comprobado que si es lo q te apasiona va a haber exito como resultado. es super frustrante hacer cosas q va ser un pain in the ass a la larga...
bueno me alegro q te hayas divertido, espero q con esto conoscas mas tu campo y te vayas comenzando a involucrar desde ya, pq creo q tienes el potencial!

nice post bby!
muchhyy lovee :)

ArleS said...

Heyy bro nice to see that you'd a busy & crazy week and you took advantage for that, learning new stuff for your carreer, here's my post! hahaha, It's good to add that also it's good to feel great with what you have chosen, and I think that you'll do great job @ Mass Comunications =)
YO Take care bro!..

meli..! said...

Hiii =). Im glad you're enjoying mass communications =). I'm really happy with my career too. I feel those days when Im very stressed and those nights when I barely sleep xD are always worth it and I always learned nada de copy paste xD. its the real deal xD.Chuzo tienes suerte a mi salon casi no lo sacan a excursiones buuh
que tes bien josh!
Te kieroo

monica rios said...