Friday, September 25, 2009


I was just talking with a good friend, Karen (visit her super hot blog), and I asked her ¿Which is the best song of the year so far: I Gotta Feeling or Use Somebody?.. And both concluded that it's a TIE. Both songs made us feel, believe, dream and live great in different ways.

I Gotta Feeling is an anthem. It's the song i play on my iPod when i'm getting ready for my nights out. It's the song that makes me positive about hanging out and partyiing. In the other hand Use Somebody is just spectacular.. the lyrics, subliminal message featuring the amazing voice within make this a stellar track. They both had an impact in my life and I think they deserve to be the best song of the year so far.

Which one do you think deserves the "award" or do you thin it's a TIE, too?


monica rios said...

i think it's tie <3

Karencilla said...

like i told you dear josh is a tie! hahaha

your blog is hotter than mine love you biotch!

melilo said...

Buenoo yo tengo que hacer un top ocho xD porque no puedo empatar canciones

1.Beyonce Knowles - Halo
2.Boys like Girls - Lovedrunk
3.The All American Rejects - When the wind blows
4.Daddy Yankee - Prende,el ritmo no perdona ( Uu..yo se como bachat pero escuchala! lo pone a uno hyper xDxD)
5.Daddy Yankee - Que tengo que hacer
6.Kelly Clarkson - I do not hook up
7.Kelly Clarkson - My life would suck without you
8.Beyonce - Single Ladies (chuzzo no me acuerdo si es de este año =/ )xD

anakriz said...

I GOT A FEELING ... !! party everyday pa pa pa party everyday !!