Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hello guys, I hope you had an awesome weekend just as i did. I'm so hungover from yesterday but that won't stop me from blogging. Ok, i think i've made it very clear about my Glee-Addiction. This is my fave TV series so far, I've never been THIS ADDICTED to any TV series before.

Jane Lynch
The motherfucker we all LOVE to HATE. Her acting is just flawless and I enjoy watching her. She's the kind of teacher/couch we all had and hated. I loved her performance in 'The 40-Years-Old Virgin', too.
Chris Colfer
He´s the typical gay that loves to dance and copy our fave artists: Beyonce, Madonna, Britney, etc. He's HILARIOUS haha and you must see the last (4th episode) when he rocked 'Single Ladies' along with football players.. YEAH.

I think Glee deserved to be called THE BEST TV-SHOW OF 2009. I mean, i think you already heard that Mischa Barton's 'The Beautiful Life' was cancelled because of the horrible low ratings. '90210' is sucking and 'Gossip Girl' is so whatever, same stupid drama. Some friends have told me that 'The Vampire Diaries' is amazing so i gotta check it out soon!.

Well, if you like Glee or any other TV-Show I wanna know your thoughts and comments about it :) Have a nice sunday night!


ArleS said...

I can't make any good-sense comment 'cause yet I haven't see that TV Show xD but I'll watch it! I promise it! it looks like so damn good (based on what I read here)
Keep blogging those nice interesting-blog-post =D

Monicaa' said...

donde ves glee? lo kiero verrr

Daniela Cullen said...

Qué puedo decir? I'm a Gleek.. AND LOVE BEING ONE! El miércoles pasado cuando ví el espisodio (más o menos a las 11 de la noche) terminé despertando a mi mamá porque no pude contener la risa de ver a los chicos bailando single ladies en sus trajes de jugadores. No me lo pierdo. yo soy medio adicta a las series de USA, no vivo sin darkville. Veo Heroes, Smallville, Glee y Vampire Diaries.

¿Cómo vas JOsh? Ya casi sale el movie companion!!!

Karencilla said...

glee glee glee! i love it.

Geni Tales said...

No se q es gleek pero chileate el ano :)

Vagisil said...
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Cecilia said...

Thanks god I think I just foun someone as addicted as me!!!
I'm singing the song all day, and thinking about the characters as if they were my BFF... seriously.. i've never been that addicted to a show! (only once to an anime when i was 15, and i'm 24 now)
what can we do so time passes faster and we can see the next episode?? I'm freaking out to wait till friday (i'm from brazil, and although i consider my english really good, i'm not THAT good to pickup on the good jokes) so i have to wait...i'm crying inside!

lil'm said...

Noonoono Josh que xopa contigo!
90210 es una de las mejores series al igual que Glee, i love Glee, definitivamente representa lo que fue high school y como era estar en ese tipo de "organizaciones" o grupos aun que en tv lo hacen algo exagerado eso entre sports guys vs dancers/actors and so..

Gossip girl cambio totalmente no es lo de antes o sea aora q C. bass anda kn Blair es como que boring. esa serie termina esta temporada definitivamente.

90210 se puso weno al fin le dan un spin off total a un good side main character, aparte de que los dramas an evolucionado no es la misma cosa de siempre con la misma gente de siempre. El hecho de que an incluido mas gente en verdad a ayudado por que an podido cetrar otras situaciones al grupo y no darle tanta atencion a los personajes.

MeLisSa said...

Buenoo no he visto Glee pero me imagino que debe estar chevere,hubo un tiempo en las vacaciones de este año que veia Gossip Girl pero cuando entre a la U de nuevo le perdí el hilo. La ultima serie que ando viendo es The Big Ban Theory yy yap.

CaesarBrutus said...

i haven't seen it. but saw the trailer for it and it seemed cool.
I LOVE Jane Lynch. Love her in The L Word and Lovespring International. Hehe. She's amazing!! And some people on Glee seem to be HOT :P hehe

CaesarBrutus said...

by the way... i agree with you on Britney's 3... EPIC!