Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Opposite Attracts or NOT?

Do you guys think OPPOSITE ATTRACTS or NOT?... It's hard to find an answer. In a relationship it's relevant to have a balance, so if you need a balance in a relationship, shouldn't you be the opposite of your soulmate to keep it right?.

In the other hand there's a bunch of people saying "Ohhh.. he/she is so much like me, we're so alike and common, we like the same things, etc".. THAT'S BORING! You need action, discovery of new things.. and mostly LOVE THEM.. That's what love means.. Tolerance people.

Would you rather be with someone like you or not?-.. I can't wait to see your comments :)


anakriz said...

Hahaha par ami concepto eso es totalmjentee falso sinceramente prefiero estar con alGuien komo io .. creeeme k no me aburro para nadaaa .. haha lOv Yuu Biotch

Kalito Kenke said...

a mi me da = que sea = o diferente a mi; a mi no me mueve lo que ella haga o no haga, a mi me mueve su cariño y su sinceridad. :)

Anonymous said...

as you say.. there's gotta be a balance.. because you can't be totally different from each other because that same thing that brought you together with time it can draw you appart. why? too much discusion and fighting over things that you might like and your partner may not. and then you'll end up hating each others guts because you can't find ANYTHING in which you 2 agree on.
Also you can't be like the same because it could transform your relationship into a monotony, meaning that is always the same and there's absolutely NO variation. finally you'll get bored and go off with someone that will introduce you to new things and keeps you entertained.
SOOOO.. you should hook up with someone that you have things in common but still can introduce you to new things, try to always keep things interesting because if you don't.. you're gonna get dumped bitch HAHA

Beto said...

Well, this is truly a matter of tastes, because there are people like me that find it very hard to encounter a person SO similar to yourself in this world; and once you meet that person, you try not to let them go. And the whole thing about the opposites, is very common to se opposite people attracted at the moment, but 10 years from now, the'll be separated. Because you realize that you need someone to understand you, someone who has the same needs as you and what better person to do that than someone that's similar? Note that I say similar, not perfectlly equal or the same.
There's definitely gotta be a balance.

Angie said...

A mi me da lo mismo, me gusta que una persona tenga cosas en comun conmigo, por que me comprende en cierto sentido.

Pero si le gustan cosas distintas puedo aprender sobre ello.
Lo basico es la confianza, la disposicion y el amor.

patsy <3! said...

yo prefiero alguien como yo q se ria buko ahhaha no se aw pro q tambn tenga vainas diferentes para kb cn el <3, q sea mas serio q yo (quien no lo es haha) ay vists me dio ganas d tener novio :(

melissa..! said...

holaa! buenoo yo siento que deberia haber un poquito de toda, cosas en donde nos parezcamos bastante y otras en donde pensemos diferente, para que halla algo interesante,porque si en todo somos iwal la conversacion seria un poco aburrida, todo seria ay si yo tambn , ai a mi tambien me gusta eso, no ombe xD.

Daniela Cullen said...

HELL YEAH THEY DO!! O por qué es que esa persona que te saca te quisio y a la que le quieres partir la boca.. terminas queriendo partírsela pero de un beso??? jajaj