Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MY REVIEW: 'My Sister's Keeper'

I know this movie is a little bit old already (released in June) but I decided to watch it yesterday online and I would feel so guilty if I don't do my very classic reveiws about it.
This movie made me cry so much.. The way the director Nick Cassaveters (The Notebook) filmed and exposed every scene is just spectacular and magic. All the flashbacks coming and going in the right moment are immaculate. Abigail Breslin impressed me. She's such an amazing actress and so mature for her age. Cameron Diaz was WOW.. I've never see her like this ever before, she has grown as a drama actress and i'm so happy for it. She exposed desperation, obsession and not-giving-up attitude at it best. Sofia Vassilieva was just perfect. The way she personified a cancer sick was just mouth-blowing. Alec Baldwin always bringin a different funny scenario but this time he mixed it with passion and triviality.

This movie really touched me because my grandma died from stomach cancer 6 years ago and it was really painful and a dark moment in my life. I was so close to her but I guess God needed her more than I did. This could possibly be one of my fave movies of this year so far, and i highly recommend it to you because the message is impecable. FAMILY IS RELEVANT. I give this movie 5 STARS.

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Daniela Cullen said...

Divina la peli cierto?? yo lloré como Magdalena viéndola.. 5 stars for me too.. JOsh.. estoy tan enferma!! Cómo van tus vacas?