Sunday, August 23, 2009

MUST-HEAR: David Guetta 'One Love'!

David Guetta is better knows as the best DJ in the entire world. For those who adore electronic music, you might heard all his singles, and now he's releasing his 4th studio album ONE LOVE. It was releases last week and include some heavy electronic, pop and hip-house music smash hits such as the 1st single 'When Love Takes Over' ft. Kelly Rowland. For me, this could be his best album to date. There are some disco-breakers such as the 2nd single 'Gettin' Over' ft. the legendary Chris Willis or 'Sexy Bitch' ft. Akon.

If you're a classy electropop fan you can't miss this album. Some songs i recommend to you are: Sexy Bitch (ft. Akon), Gettin' Over (ft. Chirs Willis), One Love (ft. Estelle), I Wanna Go Crazy (ft. Will.I.Am), On The Dancefloor (ft. Will.I.Am & and Toyfriend (ft. Wynter Gordon). I leave you with the 2nd single 'Gettin' Over' ft. Chris Willis. ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

SO EXCITED FOR THIS ALBUM! probably my favorite artist right now.

meli said...

baby whennnn the lightss goo ouuttt
thats my favorite songg =)
one love me acuerda a una song de bob marley ! asi bien chill peace love xD

Anonymous said...

ay yo estoy inlove de el... esta bellO