Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MUST-HEAR: Cobra Starship 'Hot Mess'

I'm sorry Maroon 5 and AAR but COBRA STARSHIP is my new favorite band!.. They will release their hot new album HOT MESS next week (August 11) and you can listen it at MTV's: The Leak. All i can say is that the album is full of energy and brilliant vibes! They mix alternative, pop punk and synthpop (electropop).. It's just FUSION-LICIOUS!!!

I love this band because theyr'e totally unique and there's no other band like this right now.. that makes them special! The 1st single 'Good Girls Go Bad' ft. Leighton Meester is actually this summer's anthem in the USA and it's doing amazing on charts.. In Europe and Latin America the single is becoming a massive hit. If you like good music, you deff can't miss this. I recommend you the next tracks: Fold Your Hands Child, You're Not In on the Joke, Hot Mess, Living in the Sky with Diamonds and Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason We're Famous.

So, i leave you with their 2nd single 'Hot Mess'.. Enjoy the song! :)

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