Sunday, August 16, 2009

Math = Satan!

I think Math is the most hated class ever. Thanks God I won't see Calculus like ever again because of my beloved career (Mass Communications), so I think i'm preety blessed about that one!.. All I can say is that Math is important somehow because we must learn the basic stuff (+, -, x, /, %, etc.) but there's no reason to torture someone with stupid shits like Deritative, Integrals or XYZ.. Those things may help you to analyze better but not to be better in the future at all.

Anyway, it's a class we must pass to graduate and thanks GOD i did! Best of lucks for our future generations!!


Daniela Cullen said...

I don't love it... but it doesn't kill me so.. we're cool. LOl

Love ya Josh!!
How did the finals go?

CaesarBrutus said...

haha. you should have math forever!! hehe. just joking. glad to know you won't be seeing that again :)

how r u?