Saturday, July 4, 2009

Panama's Coastal Strip!

Last sunday the brand new Coastal Strip was opened here in Panama.. It's suppoused to be a touristic place-to-be and a familiar spot as well. It deff looks AMAZING.. The metalic/contemporary infraestructure caught my attention in a way i can't explain. The city lights, the little red-lights sticked in the streets, the trees, the fountains.. EVERYTHING was exactly fitting. Panama City now looks extraordinary different and when I was driving there I got lost and thought I were in a different country!! You deff have to check it out, it's THE HOT SPOT right now.


Anonymous said...

solo gritaré: cuidaaadooooo con la porciiiinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Gracias por agregarme a tus hottest blog! Un abrazo


CaesarBrutus said...

damn we don't have that here in Madeira. Love those big buildings :)