Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh Sweet Addiction.

If you have a Blackberry and you are NOT addicted is because you're not a 2009-human-being. For me, blackberry is the most useful cellphone right now because of the 2658268936068034 functions you can do with it. I got my Blackberry Pearl 2 months ago and the addiction can't stop.. I'm happy with it and viceversa!
I love the big amount of covers for them, so they fit to your personality or even to your clothes haha. My favorite one is the BOLD.. I think i'll change mine soon.

I highly reccomend you a blackberry because you can save lots of money on SMS. With the Blackberry Messenger you can talk almost for free with your blackberry contacts.. it's SO cool! haha.

:) Sorry if i haven't post so much this week, i've been kinda busy but i promise to keep on posting intersting posts!! Have a good night my dear and beloved readers!


Joshua said...

you said is almost for free with the bbpin.. and I'm planning to get a BB soo, is it free o not to chat by bbpin ?

Josh Diaz said...

it's not free because every message u send is consuming KB (depends on how long/short message is..) each bb has a data plan: 3MB, 6MN, 12MB, Unlimited.