Sunday, July 19, 2009

MUST-HEAR: Ashley Tisdale 'Guilty Pleasure'

Former High School Musical star, Ashley Tisdale, is back and different. IT'S ABOUT TIIIIME! haha. She's releasing her 2nd studio album called Guilty Pleasure this month and i could say that I LOVE most of the songs in it. Her 1st single 'It's Alright, It's Ok' shows a heart-broken/moving on bitch and we can easily feel a 'So What' sensation in it aswell. She tried to change every single thing that made us remember her as Sharpay Evans from HSM and we can see that on her HOT HOT HOT hair, body and attitude.The album contains some hot producers like Twin, The Matrix and Oak, among others. The sound/vibe is different from her latest effort Headstrong which was more hip hop and urban.. GUILTY PLEASURE is way more electropop, powerpop and pop rock.. I highly recommend you the next songs: Overrated, Hot Mess, Tell Me Lies, Masquerade and How Do You Love Someone. I leave you with the song 'Hot Mess' which is my very favorite of all. ENJOY and HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND YA'LL!


Liz Moreno said...

I loveee Ashley Tisdale!! she's one of my look, su musica, los videos todo! its allright its ok, me encanta, ahora mismo voy a escuchar tu recomendacion hahaha

Carolina Tarté said...

ella se ve super mejor morena!