Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Live Fast & Die Young.

First I wanna say THANKS to all of you for your greetings.. I've been so happy because of my 200th post and because i started working yesterday.. so maybe I won't have SO MUCH TIME dedicated to my blog, but still i will update you with intersting and hot posts!

Why this title?... Because it's true.
Nowadays we are so used to watch young people killing themselves with alcohol, drugs, violence on the NEWS.. and this is indulgent and depressing. How come that 14-years-old boys are now serial killers? How come that kids starts getting alcohol issues and having sex at 11-years-old? This is WRONG people. When i was 11 i was still playing with my HotWheels cars or with my Power Rangers figures haha.. and How Come about never-ending-drug-issues?..

I think that the main problems in here are Family and Education. Without Family there's no integral education and without education there's ANYTHING left. Many teenagers' use drugs or alcohol for a getaway/escape solution but how to stop it?.

Change the chain. Be a good parent in the future, we're not perfect but we can work hard for a great achievement! So.. it's all about you.. Do you wanna TRY to change our future generations?.. Do YOU Dare?


CaesarBrutus said...

sometimes a good education isn't enough. But it's a very important part of how we are and act as individuals. However the place where we live, the people we know may misguide us. A good strong character is essential to resist the pressure. Because many of today's kids drink, smoke or use drugs due to peer pressure... if they want to belong to a certain group, and don't want to be left out alone, they'll probably cave to that pressure. So choose your friends wisely!

Michi said...

thanks for posting this!
Its true what u say, in order to change our surroundings, first we must change ourselves!
and also values man! those r very importante, but people dont seem to care bout em anymore :/

JoseVallejos said...

one good post! i would love to see some people i know step once to your blog and read this, it's just scary how out of nowhere (personally) i've seen so many people i know doing this, even me (only alcohol and cigarrettes) it's just out of control..