Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ricardo Martinelli is officially the new President of Panama. His term to office will end in 2014. Some of his memorable quotes right after his speech were: “We have to face all the problems, not hide from them”, “The changes we promised to do can’t wait any longer” and the hilarious “Every promise will be accomplished except for my diet” haha.
I think his speech was thickly complete and I hope he gets the strength and braveness he need to showdown our nation-wide problems.

Hilary Duff will play Olivia Burke in the third season of Gossip Girl. She’ll appear on several episodes, being Vanessa’s roommate. You must check it out when the season premieres this October.

Michael Jackson will NOT have his last public viewing at Neverland Ranch on Friday as some past reports said. Jackson’s parents will be the holding the temporary custody of his three kids.
MJ’s funeral is likely to be the biggest funeral in entertainment history, eclipsing Elvis Presley and Princes Diana.

Britney Spears new music video ‘Radar’ just premiered yesterday and the critics have been mixed. Many people are disappointed by the fact there’s no dancing in the video, but still saying that she looks absolutely beautiful, classy and full of glamour. There’s a statement that ‘Radar’ was released as single because a contract Spears signed with the song’s producers: Bloodshy & Avant.

The film adaptation of ‘Eclipse’ will start filming in August. It will be directed by David Slade. It’s tentatively scheduled for a June 30, 2010 release. In the other hand ‘New Moon’ film adaptation is already in post-production and will be released on November 20.

Shakira's new single 'She Wolf' will be released on July, 21.. but meanwhile the spanish version 'Loba' is already hitting the radios all around the world. This song is different in every sense.. kinda weird but it's good. It's more electro/synth pop. I was expecting more from her.. like a 'COMEBACK SINGLE' but i think this kinda works.. I'm willing to hear the english version.

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About Michael Jackson it seems the public memorial won't happen at Neverland. But according to a family statement they didn't rule out a public memorial in another place. And i believe his funeral will be a HUGE event.