Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Electric Visual!

Electric is an American company dedicated to manufacture Sunglasses, Snowboard glasses, among others related articles. As you know i'm a HUGE FAN of sunglasses. I love this brand because of its authenticity and colours.I love their different styles, shapes and colours. They're not called 'Electric' in vain becuz i feel the energy and vibe through the products.. It's amazing! They're not that expensive.. the normal cost would be around 25$ to 60$. There's like one million kinds!! CHECK 'EM OUT HERE! Hope you like them cuz i ADORE them!


Daniela Cullen said...

Josh!! Te invito a que conozcas a la hija no reconocida de Beyonce.. es verdad que hay gente que baila antes de caminar jajaja


Anonymous said...

Me encantas los turquesa!!!
btw, tu blog es MUY cool!