Monday, June 1, 2009

Striped T-Shirts!

I love this old trend, which is getting a lot of peak lately. Lots of girls and guys (including me) are using Striped T-Shirts!! And i mean ANY STRIPED T-SHIRT! From long sleeve to short sleeve, and from black&white style to neon! It's so cool to appreciate this funky and visual art all over our upper body! There are some other hot styles aswell. Some of the contemporary designers are mixing this trend with collage and pop art style withing the t-shirt, and it looks marvelous. My favorite brands are: Fox, Zara, Request and Croquet Club!

Do you like this trend or what are you into?? Can't wait to see you opinion!!


CaesarBrutus said...

Fashion Guru? hehe xD I love T-shirts. Any kind! :)

Liz Moreno said...

estos tshirts me encantan, son un must have, pq son faciles de complementar con todo, y ahora estan super in, con los skinny,las convers y los ray ban wayfarer!!! love it =)
un kiss jsoh

Ausência Instável said...

I don't like them, i dont like stylie ... But i like another peoples, Thats Cool ..!

Miss ya,
Dont dissapear.
Visit me too, alright?
See ya.

bye Bye... Josh!

melililo said...

Hiii, omg I loved them..! But the stripes t-shirts dont look so good on me xD, I prefer them in abrigos . I likee the ones from Zara
they are so hot !
Luff ya