Monday, June 22, 2009

Modeling ISN'T Hosting!

Hello guys, i hope you had a great weekend.. a great FATHERS DAY, i enjoyed the time with my family during my crib's bbq :)

I realy have to say something, and you know i speak my mind anytime. I don't understand WHY models think they have the right to be hosting tv shows, programs, etc?
Here in Panama it's totally normal to see hot girls and guys hosting tv shows because the network want to persuade by their good looks and a clean image.. ok, cool.. BUT if i were a network director (future to be haha) i'll totally send these little models to some oral communications classes so they get their license to speak on tv and radio..

For the ones who didn't know, to be a presenter or a visual/radial journalist it's major important to obtain a license for the work.. It's not a funny thing, it's also a respectful and decent job so they should respect it.. It's time to make a change in the mass communication zone.. let models be models and let journalists be journalists.. :) PEACE!


Liz Moreno said...

this is SOOOOO TRUE!!...pero te digo algo por experiencia personal, q tengo licencia de locucion desde hace par de meses atras, lo dificil q es conseguir algo en los medios, teniendo la capacidad para hacer algo bien, en lo personal me da pena la television local, por la mediocridad, la falta de creatividad y con poco de gente q no tienen nada bueno q hablar, a exepcion de muchos claro q admiro q son muy buenos. pero da pena sinceramente, y solo por poner a alguien q maybe es conocido y no les importa si no tienen nada bueno q decir, y esa propaganda de confuncia haciendo la correccion de la barbaridad q dijo wowww!! speechless!
y bueno lo de las modelos aki en panama, siempre la misma gente, ya me aburre este situacion la verdad.
necesitamos caras frescas, nuevos talentos y gente SMART!

Karencilla said...

well it's all about talent, if you got it go ahead, if you don't then don't even try.