Monday, June 29, 2009

Little Update!

Hello guys, just to tell you that my weekend was preety good. THANKS YOU ALL FOR THE BEST WISHES.. My Birthday Party was a success and i had SO MUCH FUN! :) In thje other hand i can't believe people are not letting Michael Jackson REST IN PEACE.. Goshhh.. I reaally everything get normal soon.. I know he's a legend but his soul needs to rest. Rest in Peace man! I leave you with some hot pics of my party :)
I hope you have a great week people, thanks for visiting my blog!!


Daniela Cullen said...

Gracias JOsh!!Sí vi tu mensaje!! Qué bueno que te haya gustado mi llamada!! Me encanto que hayas reconocido mi voz!! jajaja I miss you too!! I wish I could've been there with you coz you're one of my best friends!! Love ya Josh!! Take care!!+

Y sí.. deberían dejar a MJ en paz.

Adriel .A. said...

Nice to meet you! Bye!