Friday, June 12, 2009

I Hate To Sneeze!

OK I hate sneezing.. especially when i'm eating and driving.. First, the sneeze makes me feel horrible and distored.. The face i put while i sneeze IS NOT NORMAL hahaha, i hate it so much and when i'm eating and that stupid natural need comes out I GET SO ANGRY because i could choked with it and maybe DIE! FUCKING SNEEZINGS!!!!!!!! AGRGRGRGSGGSSRSG! I just needed to let it go :)

Thanks Karen for the mention though.. She's my blog-sibling.. you should check HER BLOG which is an unexpected place to visit, i love it..!


Michi said...

OMG I HATE IT TOOO..when im drivng, i feel like im gonna crash if I sneeze, its a horrible feel, cuz ure like trying really hard not to close ur eyes XD ,sneezing should be banned xd

Anonymous said...

a mi me da igual cuando manejo porque no siento que me desoriento, cuando como si lo detesto es disq lo peor despues los granos de arroz se te van por cavidades que ni conocias y eso cabrea aparte de eso el ruido que se hace al estornudar puede romper el aire de calma digamos de un cine o de un buen restaurante.

Melibeli said...

Y cuando estas haciendo un parcial y hay un silencio total y te da alergia y no se te quita hasta que terminas el examen =) xD, me paso and it suckss so much,Someone told me that it was because I was nervous,But I told the person the odd thing about me is to not have alllergies xD ! =)

Daniela Cullen said...

Well i dont hate it but i don't like it either.. it's horrible when you don't sneeze 'cause everyone is watching you and you end up with a runny nose AND I HATE HAVING THAT.So I always prefer to sneeze and you know what they say about sneezing!!! LOL (some say it's true... but i've sneezed more than 10 times in a row and i have not felt anything)

twentypercentlycra said...

Sneezing is horrible!
I'm studying in Argentina :) and uh, I like Sociology, but my teacher is sooo boring. Anyway the exam was kinda easy -I'm sure they didn't feel like reading too much, lol!-

Anonymous said...

Oww ...

I hate it too !
But i love the cold.

For me, its hard to be sneeze!
I've Lucky about this!

Miss you man,
Dont dissapear!