Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How To Dump Gently!

If you're not that into someone there are some tips for you to dump them.. you should be very cautious with her/his feelings because it's important to end in good terms (at least I think so)..

After Just A Few Dates
It could be a cinch if the person you're about to dump is extremely attached to you.. It would be difficult but still easier than dumping him/her with more anticipation. If you're sure you'ren t into someone LEAVE 'EM.. You'll make it easier for both.

Tell Them You're Done
Be straight, direct. With men, cutting off contact after a few dates can be an easy way to break things off without bruising girl's delicate egos. But with women, doing this is very hurtful. So even though it’s easiest for you to just avoid seeing and talking to the girl, it’s not the best thing for her. Tell her (even if it’s just over the phone) that it’s not working.

Tell 'Em in Person.
You've got to tell them you don’t want to see them anymore…and if you’re coming out of a longer term relationship, you’ve got to tell that exactly in person. Your best option? Do it in a public place so the conversation doesn’t get out of hand. And be ready to be embarrassed if it does. (Or maybe you like having wine thrown in your face?)

Be honest.
Soothing lines work with many men. But they don’t with women. Women need closure, and need to understand why yuo don’t want them. So even if you’re afraid of hurting her, be honest about breaking it off. Unless, of course, you think she’s horrible in bed or smells like rotting onions! Then…lie.

Don’t Lead On!
In the desire to be gentle, many men give women the impression that there’s hope for a reconciliation. And while it’s admirable to want to be nice, the kindest thing you can do post-dumping is stay away from her. Don’t call her, don’t try to be nice to her…just back off and let her get over you. If she hates you for it, well…that’s something you’re just going to have to accept.

Isn't it hard? Do you got more tips for dumping situations? CAN'T WAAAAIT TO SEE THEM!


Michi said...

Well, u said it all, is so true, the best thing to do is le go(8)...
shit happens for a reason!

CaesarBrutus said...

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Daniela Cullen said...

That was very spot on...another thing that is very very hard is when your best friend falls for you, if he never tells you anything and you're not aware of it you may be giving him/her false expectations and if he/she tells you it may ruin the friendship because you may not feel the same, you can also try to make it work and accept your friends love and try to be together, but if it doesn't work either it may ruin the friendship forever. It happened to me and... it was awful, I didn't know how to react when he (on the phone) put some black eyed peas music (his favorite) and asked me if i wanted to be his girl... i told him i was his girl.. his best friend and he kept telling me he knew i understood what he was talking about, he told me me to think about it and i freaked out, I turned off my cell and my phone, the next day at night i turned on my cell and there was a mesagge from him telling me it was a joke...but i know i hurt his feelings.. our friendship almost sinked like the titanic for the next half year, but then we talked and we were like it never happened, i love him as if he was my brohter and we're very close... but sometimes i cant help to wonder what would have happened if???

Karencilla said...

it's never easy. NEVER.
I think you said pretty much everything here.

But like i've always said, i rather prefer to hurt with the truth than hurt with a lie.

You got to be honest, straight forward and don't mess around, all of these without being rude.
If there is something wrong, talk about it, don't wait him/her to give the first step. It's damn hard.

Oh and forget about emails, those are so, SO impersonal.