Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fox Clothing ADDICTION!

Hello guys.. Tomorrow's FATHERS DAY and i wish you guys the best time with your dads :) Meanwhile i'm happy because my 19th birthday is this thursday and im preety excited about organizing my party on saturday, so yeah i get super excited on my bdays, Thanks God for giving me another brand new year of life and blessings! I went shopping today and bought a pair of black leather converse (i love them), some belts, a white Fox flip flop and some Fox sweaters.

Fox Clothing is my very favorite clothing line because of its futuristic image it brings.. I like wearing tight clothes so Fox is one of the very only shops i can buy the clothe i like to wear cuz i hate baggy shits haha! Fox is an Israel-based fashion chain specializing in women's, men's, kid's, and baby's fashions. Enjoy and have a great weekend! THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG!


Mar said...

yeeah 19 years old :D.
Fathers day? in portugal the fathers day's 19th of March.
Kiss! Good shopping :)

Daniela Cullen said...

JOSH!! YA CASI ES TU CUMPLE!! TU ÚLTIMO AÑO COMO ADOLESCENTE!! el mío termina el otro mes :( y eso que nos queríamos quedar como niños...a ver si algún día le damos la vuelta al mundo. Ojalá que la pases super junto a tu papá este fin de semana. Cuídate mucho!!