Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ronald McDonald VS Colonel Sanders!

HAHAHAHA Yesterday, my friend Juanda showed me this hilarious video and i defecated myself with it haha. It's a very Japanese/Street Fighter-ish type of video game! Ronald McDonald versus Colonel Sanders bitches, HAMBURGERS AGAINST CHICKEN! OMG!! You MUST see this shit and their super powers hahahaha! xD Thanks to WE SUCK AT GAMES for the stream! :)


CaesarBrutus said...

This video is hilarious!!!! Hehe You don't mess with Colonel Sanders!! :) So funny! I want the game!! lol

Hynton said...

hahah muy interesante, claramente tenian un favoritismo por el coronel pero muy buenas graficas

Karencilla said...


I think that the fried chicken is healthier than the crappy hamburgers from McDonalds... junk food anyways.
I love KFC.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

jajjajajaajajajajaj dios que risa con ese video! my favorite part was the coronel sander's special ahahahaa. I think McDonald's best are the fries and the cuarto de libra ! ( no me acuerdo como se pone en ingles!) Y kentucky , weno everything I looove kfc xD