Monday, May 4, 2009


This is one of my fetishes. A Peepshow is a an exhibition of objects viewed through a small hole or magnifying glass. Actually, a peepshow is a live sex show using a coin/bill operating device. They've been used for erotic and porno pictures. For live peep shows, booths surround a stage upon which usually female sex workers perform stripteases and sexually-explicit poses. In some cases, booths include paper towel dispensers, for customers who engage in masturbation. The customers and the female sex workers can mutually agree to a fee for a "private dance". The "private dance" takes place in a peep show booth with a clear window and seating space for only one customer.

Isn't it hot?.. I'm willing to attend to one, before i die off course haha. Do you like this tendecy or is it too dirrty for you?


Anonymous said...

hahahah wao! q hot.. a mi me encanta todo lo sexual hahahahah KE! mentira :P
nose.. nunca lo haria, maybe pa mi man! pero asi x asi no hahaha

-cheche xx

Anonymous said...

Hellouu, well, um, em , xD .
I'm not really into the whole peep show thing, but if it is someone i realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy looooooooovee, ill do it ,but its not something to do randomly, I would be so penn at the beginning! ahahah. Iuuu toilet paper

Michi said...

Too dirty for me XD
I hope u enjoy it though XD thats all I can say XD XD XD kenshkensh

Anonymous said...

Ohhh My Gosh!!!!
I guess this amazing, but i like just to see, not do it!!!
hauhAUahuha ...

But you like it ... hAuHAUAh!!!

I like see Womans using those clothes, but the mans ... HAuhAUAH

Great post!

CaesarBrutus said...

you are a kinky boy! hehe. U should have gone with me to Amsterdam! hehe xD

Anonymous said...

JOSH WTF en serio WTF osea man este chucha te lo juro que me quede como queeeeeee! demaciado explicito pero me alegro que encuentres ese tipo de cosas divertidas y emmm bueno.. saludos..