Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flip Flop Freak!

I can't describe the superb comfyness around my body when I wear flip flops. I usually get scolded by my dad because he says "flip flops are for trashy people", but i ignore him because i know he's from another decade so. I love wearing them, especially HAVIANAS which are tiny but supportive to your feet. What makes me adore HAVAIANAS is that there is plenty of color, size and style. I know exactly the suffering of Panama's weather (i mean, the heat and humidity), so i'm cool with flip flops.. you won't see me with shoes/sneakers all the time.

I personally don't think flip flops are trashy, because as long as you feel comfy with what you're wearing, fuck the rest. We should wear it only in the right moment, because i don't think they would look marvelous on a wedding haha, u know what i mean. What do you think about flip flops, trashy or comfy?


CaesarBrutus said...

Havaianas são bem fixes :) mas só para a praia. So you're a Havaianas addict? hehe. i don't feel that comfortable with havaianas, only at the beach, cause to walk on the streets don't like it. xD I'm fine. what about u my friend?

Berts! said...

i loveee flip flopss!!

Melissa said...

I likee flip flops a lot , but when i have to walk longgg distances the flip flops dont work out so well, once i was walking very fast and a flip flop broke and thanks god I had a shoe repair business near me or the trip ends there xD!!! , but they are comfy when I dont have to transport in long distance, I likee reef and bongo xD ( it sounds chole but its ok x) ) and roxyy (l)

Louis Albert said...

I dont understand why u told this?
Josh Diaz said...

the truth is that words can change everything.. sometimes words hurt as much as a punch in the face.. we should control them and think before speaking..

About this pictures, i think that isnt wearing them, but the colours ..

But i love HAVAIANAS, here we brasilian use a lot them.

Explain to me.!