Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Black Light Theatre!

When it comes to Performing Arts, the aura halo turns lighter!! Black Light Theatre is a theatrical performance style characterized by the use of black box theatre augmented by black light illusion. It all started a while ago in Asia and can be found like everywhere right now!

The distinctive characteristics of Black Light Theatre are the use of black curtains, a darkened stage, and 'black lighting' (UV light), paired with fluorescent costumes in order, to create intricate visual illusions. I love this crazy artistic trend, because it's unique and shows a different side at stage. The mistery of this is that the real person is dressed in black camouflaging with the black backround. It looks like the features are moving alone (that's when the act doesn't involves a person). It's like MAGIC. I'm just love in love with it.. :) You should deff check out!


Hynton said...

si a mi me gustan, mi mama fue a uno en las vegas y fue disq wow, buen note :D

Anonymous said...

hii, hey que nice ! cuando fui a L.a no pude ir =( , pero vi un par de ads ! it would be cool if we have the chance to go one day with michelle !

Blacklightsystem said...

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