Sunday, May 31, 2009

Angelina Jolie Pregnant... AGAIN!

WHAT THE FUCK! It's her baby #7 hahaahhaha, i guess Brad and her get bored easily at night, GOSH!! What i don't get is that she still remains HOT!.. She's almost 3 months, so the baby must due on December. Good luck! :)


Karencilla said...

I don't believe anything those gossip magazine says. If i see a real bump in a couple of months, then is true. hahaa
Pero igual que importa que tenga otro!! si ellos tienen suficiente recursos para mantener dos equipos de futbol!!!

Mar said...

again?! :O

meLi said...

Ay angelina..she had a weird theory of having a lot of kids to help society and children.