Friday, April 3, 2009

Polar Bears Are Hot. Don't Kill 'Em!

Polar Bears are one of the most beautiful and tenderest animals on earth and it's so sad to see how they're dying because of the stupid Global Warming. They are dying because of the heat and so the ice breaks and they can't swim forever, they're not whales. THEY'RE POLAR BEARS!

My best friend, Michelle M., also wants to share with you guys her thoughts about this topic:
"Hi Josh, like i'm your fan! We should put an air conditioner in the north pole because I wanna hug em and tell em that everything is gonna be ok. They die because of the ice-melted so they get tired of swimming. I HATE GLOBAL WARMING!" -M.

Thanks Michi for your sincere and genuine opinion about this cruel and hurtful theme. I really wish we could do something about it. We have to help them and many people think that these activities to reduce the global warming (save light, energy, A/C, recycling, among others) are totally useless... but you know what? THEY'RE NOT USELESS PEOPLE. React and Do something!


ANA KRIZ ! said...

Apoyen a los ositos cariñositos ..
poresitoss !
JaJa Jozh tirate a la kayee
i ve a lucy molinar :D
jajaja i di :
Apoyen a los ositos polares poresitoss !

jaja wenaa causaa x eso postiee
luv yu Biotch

Melib said...

omg yeah, i dislike global warming with all my heart, por eso cuando sea grande trabajare para Green Peace si dios me lo permite xdxd, al gore documentary teaches u a lot!
Luff ya

Michi said...

I hope we can start by doing little things! if not WE will be extinct!
love ya bitch :)
thx for posting this :D

Josh Diaz said...

hahahaa thanks so much ladies, love ya so much!