Monday, April 13, 2009


Hello guys! I hope you're doing great. I feel so stressed today becuz i have like a million stuff in my head. I'm almost in finals so I'm doing 4515986533566232 homeworks and things to study, too. Also the stress is provocked by the fact i can't find the RIGHT JOB. I wanna work because i don't wanna be so codependent with my parents, I need my own money because i have my own spendings, and off course i want a lot of things. I also have some commitments with some friends this week and I don't now if i have the time for them =/ I need a punching bag like right now.

Sorry if i'm sinking you with my problems haha i just needed them to let it go from my brain. I can't wait this week to end tho. OH by the way, TONIGHT I'll be doing an appereance on a Panamanina Racy Talk Show called 'Sin Pepitas en La Lengua', so if you're Panamanian tune it @11pm because we will be talking about 'Women Mistakes... While They're Fucking' HAHAHA, it's true. So check it out guys. Tonight i have another job interview in a restaurant called 'La Comedia' so i hope everything goes well. They're looking for an entertainer haha. See ya! :) Love ya and thanks for reading my issues!


Anonymous said...

How sad to see you that way my friend, stressed. As I always say to my friends, who also complain of many tasks, and think the effort that you have every day in this work, they have a value, which is the value of their effort. I'm rooting for you every day as you are for me. Patience to get there.

Take Care ...
when you need someone, Think ...
I'm Here ... Not so far ... By Your Side, In your Heart.


Josh Diaz said...

thanksss lúilúi haha sao paulo is not that far i guess, i wanna dance samba soon hahahaha!
thank my friend!

Miss Adore said...

I just hope you get the job at La Comedia! A friend of mine told me it was a very nice restaurant. If you get the job, I'll probably go there XD.
By the way, I answered to your questions, what is joroschó (horrorshow in english) and drugos (droogies in english) in my blog. Find out.


Anonymous said...

hiii joshhh :),omg dont know why i felt a little related to your note,damnn finalss ! arghh pero weno despues vienen nuestras vacaciones! de 1 semana pero que xux,hahaha,bueno usted sabe para cualquier consulta desestres you have my service, se despide the hippiest friend xd

Areywings said...

Que vida mas ocupada! ^^ me suscribo para seguirte saludos desde españa!!! ;)

ArleS said...

hahahah take it easy dude, we know that you're going to get out of all that stuff hahah, we've to make a parking one of these days I talked to meli 'bout hahaha.
Btw! I'm writting in your blog! hahaha for u 2 know.
Btw, luck with Sin pepitas en la lengua's stuff I dunno If I can watch it I'm also working on some stuff here and I'm like so damn tired of today college stuff so I'll try but If a felt sleep well.. hahah told you!
Bless bro take care

Justin R. Wright said...

you're sweet. thanks for the comment :) hope you're well.

Anonymous said...

Here's a comment from a person who never comments CHUCHA (quoting you).

Stay calmmm, I have learned that finals are a fact of life, haha, you might as well just learn to live with them.

Good luck with your job interviews, and I wish I could hear your radio show. Make someone record it so I can listen to it.

Take care, Mr. Josh ;)