Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eyes Don't Lie.

With a simple gaze, glance or stare, you can find so many answers, or at least I do. I got this crazy sixth sense that helps me a lot by disentangle shits out of my head about people. We have so many secrets, fears and needs. The power of a simple gaze had help me in so many ways.. for example: if a friend's in trouble and won't tell me because a particular reason, i just feel what's going on by his/her eyes. Body language says so much guys, we should know how to control it. It may unintentional hurt or offend our loving ones, because the way we express is wordless.

Back to the power of staring, eyes are so mystical for me.. so true. I've never fall in love before, but when i like someone, eyes are the first and most relevant factor that help me figuring out if i should continue a relationship or not. It's simple. Eyes are the purest and most genuine part that human beings possess. It’s amazing, i’m a huge fan of eyes. I’m careless about the color, shape or size. Eyes will always be true delight. Eyes don’t lie.


anakriz said...

Mis Ojos no mienten xD

rogeR said...

Ese segundo ojo.. me parece familiar... de quien es..?

chechee' said...

aw q cute bb mua

Anonymous said...

What I can say is: when you discover what is true, you begin to value their own, in before you begin to see the needs of others in only one eye. It is incredible that only those who have this gift and know the power of aid, sometimes up to a true, a shame, even the look of a deviation is shown lying on many occasions. Should not be deceived by color only, or even the beauty of the eyes, but to understand the complicity and simplicity of another need, whether of joy or sadness.

I will not say much, because you know that I liked and much of his post.

Michi said...

I liked it!
Its so true, our eyes say so much, specially on people like me, like i cant hide what im feelin XD
thats good but sucks sometimes!

keep on writing great stuff!

Anonymous said...

hii, well i cant hide too long my feeling, because it shows in how i act, i dont know if in my eyes xD.Heyy that's one of the first things I look too,copion =).i like the edit of the picturess

Liz Moreno said...

ayer casualmente estaba hablando d esto con un amigo, me contabaa cada detalle d lo q veia, cuando tomaba en cuenta a alguien para salir con...
me dijo disq para es imp. hasta ver cuantas vecse parpadea.
definitivamente los ojos son la ventana del alma, te dicen cuando alguien dice la verdad, cuando mienteen,
y mis ojos no pueden dejar de mirar a aquella persona q me interesa en cualquier lugar donde este..mis ojos me delatan wow
but i really love and have so much fun..playing eye contact!! hahaha
besos josssh! great note :)