Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I TOLD YA SO! Megan Joy is so gone. She's so cute and a nice person but she had to go.
Tonight's elimination show was nice, a great group opening act, I do believe they lipsync in every opening act, but who cares?

David Cook & Lady Gaga Performances
Mr. David Cook (who's one of my fave rock singers) performed his latest single 'Come Back To Me' and it was cool, nothing amazing but he did a solid decent performance. American Idol released a sneak peak of the music video of 'Come Back To Me' and it was shooted on LAX airport, it looks romantic and fresh.

By the other hand Ms. Lady Gaga (which just scored her second #1 hit at the Billboard Hot 100 with 'Poker Face') performed that exact song. She started with the acoustic version and playing the piano looking pink-glam and hot as ice, then she did a BOOM-metamorphosis and sang the normal version, haha LOVED her violin freakshow tho!

It amazed me. I was in shock when Alison Iraheta sat beside Megan Joy. WTF! Scott should have been there instead. Anyway, the Bottom 3 were Megan Joy, Alison Iraheta and Anoop. This is the resemblance that this competition is getting harder every week. My bottom 3 were Megan, Scott & Lil Rounds.

The Bye
Megan Joy left the competition with tears, but she knew she had to go. She missed her family and her son so she was kinda happy to get back to her town, I wish her the best! Next week themes are Hits from their birth-years, preety intersting! We'll have to see and check out, see ya!!!


The Dreamer said...

NO ES JUSTO QUE ALLISON ESTÉ EN EL BOTTOM 3.. la gente le cogió rabia a su pelo.. no ves que solamente le supieron criticar el pelo y el outfit? aunque yo no sé.. pero esa canción tampoco la ayudó mucho.. estuvo un poco aburrida.. para mi TODOS escogieron mal sus canciones.. menos el Adam ese.. ese si fue más inteligente aunque solo sepa chillar.. ALLISON NO PUEDE SALIR.. Scott tiene que irse.. y por ahí mismo Anoop y Kris!

The Dreamer said...

BTW.. extrañaré a MEGAN.. ella no tenía disque la super voz pero era diferente.. cute, loca.. pero pa la bajada se fue como apagando.. ya no lo hacía tan bien aunque siempre me gustaba verla... me recordaba un poco a nelly furtado.. no?

Josh Diaz said...

TAS LOCOOOOO YO AMÉ "YOU FOUND ME" Y "WHAT HURTS THE MOST"!!! jajajaja y Alison ta wena cn su pelo asi.

Megan es bn cute, bn hippie!

Juan Jo said...

DUDE FUE AWESOMETASTIC la presentación de la Srta. Gaga... chuso es que esa mujer...<3 hahaha ella rulea demasiado sus lyrics son no se...tan cool y los ritmos ..extra-pegajosos aw...