Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I just wanna know something: WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE JUDGES?
I still can't believe they dished Matt's 'You Found Me' performance, I totally can say that I had goosebumps -in a good way-. Why they dished him so bad?
First of all I'm really satisfied with tonight's songs. FINALLY, SOME CONTEMPORARY MUSIC! I was so sick of effing country and motown and old shit. I needed new stuff.

Here goes my general review:

#1 Of The Night:
Matt Giraud & Kris Allen
Dude, Matt sang one of the best songs of 2009 so far 'You Found Me' by The Fray. I didnt used to like him until this performance, which he captivate my soul the whole song. He did a great job with his falsettos, and his vocal range was absolutely clean and flawless. I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY THOSE EFFING JUDGES DISHED HIM SO BAD, saying he wasn't unique and fake.
Speechless. I just hope he don't go tomorrow.

Kris Allen is tied with Matt because HE IS ROCKING the stage since the very first day. I loved his last week's performance, but 'Ain't No Sunshine' was totally epic! I really think he'll end up in the final 3. We'll see!

#2 Of The Night:
Adam Lambert
Adam is my very favorite of this competition. I'm 100% positive that he'll win Season 8. He sang the classic 'Play That Funky Music' by Wild Cherry. He was compared with Mick Jagger and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.. But you know what? MICK JAGGER MY ASS! Adam Lambert, eventho some people are tired of his 'yelling', is going to win this competition, LIKE IT OR NOT. He don't shout, he has a very high vocal range, so stop the jealousy bitches. Amazing perfomance. My fave since 'Black or White'.

#3 Of The Night:
Danny Gokey
This guy is WOAH!. He sang one of my fave songs on earth: Rascal Flatt's 'What Hurts The Most'. He did a total original performance, great and solid vocals, great spirit, I'm in love with his voice which reminds me a Spanish Christian singer Jesus Adrian Romero haha. I wished he could done the Cascada version tho haha. He'll battle against Adam at this years gran finale! BETS?

I really don't know what the heck is wrong with Season 8's GIRL POWER? Megan Joy sucked, Lil' sucked too.
Allison Iraheta is the only girl I can see in the top 5 by now, I loved her 'Don't Speak' performance with her beautiful guitar but hated her hair.. it looked so messy and wannabe rockstar, she reminds me of P!nk. I trusted Lil Rounds but after her Celine Dion's 'I Surrender' performance, I dunno what to think about her anymore. That voice and wig were absolutely obnoxious. Mr. Scott MacIntyre did a great job, his best performance to date. But he gotta go. I'm sorry!
The person who I think will leave tomorrow is: Megan Joy.

Stay tuned tomorrow cuz two of my music industry bitches will perform: David Cook and Lady Gaga.. GOD I CAN'T WAIT! See ya!


lil m ♥ said...

Totally right about this season mR. Diaz.. there is somthing wrong.

My peronal opinion is...... the finale will be between our gurl Allison n pretty boy Adam.

Altho I think he just needs to win this contest for the rest of the world to get to know him, he is already an actor so he knows his angles, and how to project himself up there.

In regards to Allison she definately knows what she is doing a lil polish is needed off course.

But I pretty much think that even if Adam or Allison dnt win this season both if them can become the next Chris Daughtry. Both of them got it they just need a lil push.

melissa (8) said...

hiii :), bueno en veradd mi favorito es Adam Lambert, he visto a los otros pero no se , les falta ese feeling! likee when you rock the song you sing,bueno no pude ver el de hoy =( porque el link q me envio arles me fallo ( damn it ! x) ) . pero weno my best wishes to adam <3

Nadia Hearts Music said...

Hi Josh, welcome back to the world of blogging! I wondered where u were... :-) Will put you on my fave links list very soon.

Justin R. Wright said...

hey beautiful -

of course i remember you.

i'm great, how are you?

Josh Diaz said...

Thanks Lil & Mel!

Nadia thank ya, missed you haha!

Justin, you're lost as hell, i'm good too thanks! :)

ArleS said...

dunno but I Think Adam Lambert is the best and complete artist that season 8 had offer us. I mean, his permormances are damn amzin, he can sing the abc I'll buy his disc, well I'll download from internet xD but it's the same XD hahah bless josh! keep going with this blog, It's fuckin terrific dude