Monday, December 22, 2008


I just got in my hands The All-American Rejects' new album 'When The World Comes Down' which is their third album, and it's an amazing album with deep, catchy and melodic tracks.
Their 1st single 'Gives You Hell' is doing great in radios, and their 2nd single 'Mona Lisa' is already starting to impact US radios. Their last effort 'Move Along' was a platinum blast, chart-burner with hits like: 'Move Along' and 'Dirty Little Secret'.

I recommend you the next tracks: I Wanna, Fallin' Apart, Another Heart Calls (ft. The Pierces) and Real World.
They really made a decent, great album so if you're a big fan of punk/pop style you deff have to buy this album!

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stephanie said...

I'll have to go listen:)