Thursday, December 25, 2008

Smell Good.

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful xmas with your beloved ones.

You may be wondering my post title. Smelling is a sense I have really well developed. I dunno if it's because I'm alergic or what, but i can perceive any smell anytime (ask my friends haha).
I know we all have a day in our lives we just DON'T SMELL WELL (armpit issues, breath-issues or whatsoever), so I just hope those 'breakdowns' in our lives were lessons in our future to our beautiful and sacred health.

It's so important to use deodorant, teeth-brush and perfume. We need to smell right. Haha i know you shall be thinking like 'JOSH IS SO SHALLOW' but smell is just something that's preety essential in live. It's all about HYGIENE (ok.. maybe I'm an hygiene freak). I mean, it took me over two years to find the right deodorant, which is BAN (Paraside Winds). So guys, this hole crazy thing is for you to remember how important is for us, THE HUMAN RACE, to smell good everytime. We can cause a damage in someone else respiratory system, so now you know what to -keep doing-.


Lizzay said...

tienes razon lol
no es shallow!
hasta la persona 'menos superficial' le gustaria oler cosas bonitas!

Justin R. Wright said...

thanks - same to you

merry christmas, as well

EnmanuelMC said...

You are the most random person I know, bitch!

Karencilla said...

Josh you are nuts. I've never thought you'll post a picture of your..
jaajajaja tienes mucha razon. No hay nada mejor que un hombre que huela super bien y sea nitido.

espero la hayas pasado bien en xmas.

by the way, leiste la mini-entrevista? que te parecio?

Josh Diaz said...


Michi said...

hahahah, que te puedo decir! nobody likes a smelly graj! is true though, deodorants are cheap=) so why people smell bad? i guess they like they´re own natural smell XD
jaja por eso te kiero josh, cuz u have an issue with grajs =)

Meli said...

ahahahaahaha que risa con esto x) butss its truee nada mejor que oler bien =) sehhh
omgg yo pense que that was your no leoo..i dont aclarar myself ahahha